Linea Boutique Spa is nestled in the residential area not far from the Sacred Heart Church in Beau Bassin. Once through the front door you enter into an unexpected universe. A teak resin scent sets the tone right from the reception and adds to the distinction of the place.

With Manon, we were greeted and guided by Shabana, the manager and her team who are very attentive. The staff consists of a team made of very friendly and charming young women. To us it becomes apparent that Shabana is very hands on with every customer. This probably helps the client to relax before even considering the treatment they wish to take on the day. She adopts an intuitive approach and thus connects to the mood of the person waiting for a transition to a state of well-being.

The massage cabins are well equipped allowing for various treatments adaptable to each person's needs. Each massage can be customised and adapted towards the clients requirements (from stretching to cranial) in a relaxed environment and leave the client feeling rejuvenated and like a new person.

At Linea Boutique Spa, the focus is on the concept 'Boutique' .Everything here remains human, and the director pays close attention to those who visit the establishment. The place does not cease to amaze: this first part ends with a hammam and opens onto a swimming pool with hydro masseur and jacuzzi. We are transported in an exceptional setting where the sun of Beau Bassin suddenly illuminates on a setting reminiscent of a beach in Greece ...

The wooden pontoon gives access to the second part of the establishment which offers a convivial corner catering for events. Clients are already making reservations for events such as a "Baby Shower" to relax together a few days before giving birth or for a "Bachelorette Party" taking advantage of the apt setting for afternoon tea and canapÃ?Æ'Ã?©s between girlfriends.

A short massage session with a professional masseuse of the establishment encourages us to return to truly enjoy a time of relaxation in this carefully landscaped setting. In the video interview, Shabana explains the different particulars of her establishment. A place, very well maintained and a peaceful haven that pleasantly surprises in the urban setting of Beau Bassin.

Niché dans le quartier résidentiel non loin de l’église du Sacré-Coeur à Beau Bassin, Linea Boutique Spa offre un univers inattendu une fois passé la porte d’entrée. Un parfum de résine de teck donne le ton dès l’accueil : une fragrance pas trop musquée et qui ajoute à la distinction des lieux. Avec Manon, on se laisse guider par Shabana, la gérante, et son équipe qui se montre d’une prévenance discrète.

Le ton gris pastel contraste avec le blanc des portes ouvragées, invite à avancer le long du couloir qui prend une coloration légèrement verte sur le fond. Le personnel est là, composé de jeunes femmes fort aimables, mais il est clair toutefois que Shabana s’implique auprès de chaque client. C’est ce qui contribue sans doute à détendre la personne avant même que l’on envisage les soins du jour. C’est aussi l’équivalent d’une consultation : Shabana adopte une démarche intuitive et se connecte ainsi à l’humeur de la personne en attente d’un passage à l’état de bien-être.

Les cabines de massage sont munies de divers équipements permettant un traitement adapté aux besoins de chacun. Le massage ainsi personnalisé s’effectue dans les meilleures conditions de détente menant les clients vers des étirements et des massages crâniens qui laissent l’impression d’une régénérescence. C’est un être nouveau qui émerge après chaque séance.