Various discounts

Your discount applies to the total bill on the table in all our affiliated restaurants, but only on the 'à la carte' menus. The discounts also vary for shops, entertainment & leisure activities/ wellness centres and the services proposed. Our partners are included in the Le Passeport and on the website.

No combined discount

The discount of Le Passeport cannot be accumulated with other discounts.

The card is nontransferable

Your full name must be written at the back of your card. This card is to be used only by the authorised signatory and is nontransferable. The partners reserve the right to refuse the discount in the event that you fail to prove your identity.

Valid upon presentation of the card

You have to present your valid card (and not the Le Passeport booklet) in order to benefit from any discounts with our partners.

Forged card = void card

Any card that has been tampered with ie. erased font, expiry date or name of owner will result in the card being void.

Publisher’s non liability

The publisher is not liable in the event of theft or loss of the card, or in the event of unexpected modifications within a partner’s business (change in management or ownership, temporary or permanent closing, breach or discontinuation of contract with Le Passeport). Equally, we will not be held responsible should certain information turn out to be null and/or void throughout the validity period. No rights can be claimed and no partial or full refund will be applicable.

How to contact us?

For all your comments, suggestions and complaints, please contact us by email on [email protected] and do visit our website regularly for additional information on our partners and updates.